Deus Ex Human Revolution PS3
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Deus Ex Human Revolution PS3
Deus Ex Human Revolution PS3_1
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Deus Ex Human Revolution PS3

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  • Platform: PS3
  • Genre: Roleplaying
  • Edition: Standard edition
  • Game Modes : Single-player & Multi-player
  • Released Date : 23-Aug-11
  • ESRB Rating : E Mature (17+)
  • PEGI Rating : PEGI 18
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Description :
  • In a Cyberpunk inspired future setting, the world is in chaos over the struggle for power and wealth, with individuals resorting to body modifications to get an edge over others. Man has learnt to defy evolution by giving it an artificial boost with the help of technology. This thirst for power and wealth has been spurred by wealthy corporations that see a way to increase their own power with their spreading influence over the people. The game has its predecessor Deus Ex, involve J C Denton take down a corporation of Triads and other nefarious groups for trying to withhold a cure for a man made disease that they had released into the atmosphere.

    In Deus Ex : Human Revolution, Adam Jensen has not yet been established in the world as the events take place before the happenings of the original Deus Ex, Jensen is a private security officer with Sarif Industries, which is a leading Biotechnology company that deals with Human augmentations. The world is changing into one which openly embraces augmentations that help make life easier. The augmentations are now based on the kind of work that the individual is into. For example, Jensen has combat based augmentations incorporated into his body that greatly improves his combat based oh his own individual style of fighting. Augmentations range in improvements like strength, power, cunning, intelligence and hacking skills.

    The game deals with human ethics and pushes the limits to which humanity can reach out. An attack on Serif Industries by rival parties leaves Adam Jensen seriously injured and this leads to him needing augmentations in order to survive. Once he has healed completely and the augmentations have taken hold, integrating with his nervous system and physiology, he discovers a deep rooted secret and conspiracy that spans governments and rival corporations.

    When he returns to work he discovers the global politics of human enhancement through augmentations and is quickly on the hunt for those responsible for the attack on his company and himself. The pivotal theme for Deus Ex : Human Revolution is globalization, espionage, human survival and the ethics of advancing humanity with artificially enhanced body parts.

    Deus Ex is a series of games that relies heavily on personal choices. Every choice you make in the game, reflects later on during game-play. Choosing to not kill your enemies and only knock them unconscious gives you certain achievements that can help unlock bonuses in the game. The action based game involves role-play elements with first person basis incorporated into tactical strategies. The PC Game recieved a PEGI rating of 18.

    Pillars of gameplay:

    Players can switch between these forms of gameplay during the game easily-

    Exploration and Social Skills

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