All payments are made through NEFT transactions (online banking) or UPI. The payment is made directly to your bank account within the next 3-7 business days from the date of order received.

In case of refunds, if you are eligible, your amount will be credited into your account within 3-7 business days. If the balance is not credited even after 7 business days, please contact your bank’s customer care and quote the reference number to find out the status of the transaction.


  1. We may initiate cash back at times, the terms and conditions of which will change with every offer.
  2. Cashback will be based on the final agreed price of the product between buyer and seller.


  1. We may also introduce various coupons from time to time. The validity and conditions will be unique for each.
  2. The discount applied for any coupon is limited by the net buyer convenience fee charged after reducing any other instant discounts if applicable.
  3. Coupon-based cashback will be credited to the user's account within 10 days of delivery of the item.
  4. Coupon-based promo cashback will be credited to the user's Cash Balance after the delivery of the item.

Instant Discounts

  1. Instant discounts are applicable only for the Buy Now flow, if available.
  2. Instant discount value does not include the buyer’s convenience fee.
  3. Instant discounts can be combined along with the coupon-based discount. When combined the net discount applicable will not include the buyer convenience fee.


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