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Trials Fusion PS4
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Trials Fusion PS4

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  • Platform: PS4
  • Genre: Racing & Flying
  • Edition: Standard Edition
  • Game Modes : Single-player & Multi-player
  • Released Date : 15-Apr-14
  • ESRB Rating : E10+
  • PEGI Rating : PEGI 12
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Description :
  • Gear up and get ready to be a part of a virtual biking experience unlike any other. A single-player/multiplayer platform racing game, Trials Fusion was developed by RedLynx, Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Ukraine and was published by Ubisoft. Rated 12 by PEGI, Trials Fusion is a sequel to Trials Evolution and is the fifth installment in the game series. This arcade game presents the world of observed trials or motorcycle trials.

    Trials Fusion is set in the year 2042 following the creation of the “Anomoly AI” which was made after an object fell from the sky and radically changed the world. Two characters, SynDI and George, who are descendants of the AI, constantly speak to the player throughout the game.

    Developed for the PS4 console, the gameplay of Trials Fusion involves the player making his way through dangerous obstacles as a rider on a physics-based motorcycle. The player has to control the way the rider shifts his weight backward or forward so as to execute stoppies, wheelies and death-defying flips when suspended in the air. Furthermore, many freestyle motocross stunts can be performed in the air by using the right analog stick. Trials Fusion is played on a 2D plane despite the fact that it utilizes 3D graphics, hence the player can navigate the rider forwards or backwards only. This game also offers a track editor which lets players make their own games and courses. The dystopian tracks featured in this game are unbelievably wild; as the rider, you’ll need to ride on the top of blimps that fly far above skyscrapers, make your way through dense jungle ruins, and more!

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