God of War III PS3
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God of War III PS3
God of War III PS3_1
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God of War III PS3

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  • Platform: PS3
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Edition: Standard Edition
  • Game Modes : Single
  • Features : 4K HDR
  • Released Date : 16-Mar-10
  • ESRB Rating : E Mature (17+)
  • PEGI Rating : PEGI 18
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Description :
  • The shock of betrayal lingers heavily upon Kratos’ heart. He is angry, and it is not because someone tried to kill him. The reason for Kratos’ anger is that the person who wants to take his life is his own father. Kratos was on a quest for revenge, but now he is out for vengeance and no one can stop him till his thirst is quenched. God Of War III opens up a series of questions that threaten the belief of every living soul. Are you ready to find the answers? The sequel to God of War II and the fifth instalment in the franchise, God Of War III spreads out a wide canvas that is abundant with deep and dark secrets. The video game is targeted towards hard-core gamers who love fighting games. The third-person action-adventure game introduces many new elements that are bound to keep you at the edge of your seats. Available for the PS3 platform, God of War III comes with a Mature rating from ESRB. Synopsis and Features For Kratos, fighting the mighty gods is not difficult. What is difficult to live with is that every belief he holds dear to his heart is getting destroyed, and all he can do is just sit there and watch. But this won’t stop him. On the contrary, it only makes him stronger. Armed with his trusty Blades of Exile, Kratos is out to exact vengeance for every lie and betrayal faced by him. You, as Kratos, will now have to find the person responsible for the chaos and end this once and for all. Developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, God Of War III is a game that gives you the power to take down the mighty gods. From the first level till the last, you will be taking down enemies from left, right and center. You will be fighting beasts, bringing down Titans to their knees and killing everyone who is an obstruction in your path. There are many exciting tweaks in the game, including the very ground you play in the game. The ground gives you a feeling that it’s alive with a soul of its own. It will sway, flex and do anything to jar your journey. The camera in the game keeps constantly shifting according to the situation you are playing. This gives God of War III a cinematic experience throughout the game. You will be surrounded by plenty of difficult foes who are not only smart, but are also very cunning. There are arrays of attacks that you can use against the enemy to bring them down in a spectacular fashion. The new weapons in your arsenal include Claws of Hades, the NemeanCestus and the Nemesis Whip. Every weapon has its own special ability that helps you in silencing your enemies forever. The weapons even come with magical capabilities. This helps you in tearing down the beasts easier and faster. You can replenish your health and magic meters every time you kill a beast or by discovering hidden treasure chests. You have to employ a completely different tactic while fighting bosses in God of War III. You have to be smart and plan your every move as the game requires you to match a set of controls with the on-screen instructions. This makes the game difficult, but much more enjoyable to play. You can unlock trophies every time you achieve something extraordinary in the game. You can unlock 36 trophies if you accomplish all the achievements. You can also uncover 10 godly possessions that are often hidden near fallen foes. These godly possessions help you in gaining special abilities during bonus play. Online Features The downloadable content for the game adds additional modes and skin packs to God of War III. This includes the Challenge of Exile mode and different types of costumes such as Phantom of Chaos, Apollo, Forgotten Warrior and more. All the extra content adds to the gameplay, making it more interesting. The updates, demos and wallpapers for the game can be downloaded from the PSN Network.

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