Far Cry 3 PS3
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Far Cry 3 PS3
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Far Cry 3 PS3

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  • Platform: PS3
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Edition: Standard Edition
  • Game Modes : Single-player & Multi-player & Co-Op
  • Features : Cloud Enabled
  • Released Date : 29-Nov-12
  • ESRB Rating : E Mature (17+)
  • PEGI Rating : PEGI 18
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Description :
  • A gripping tale of a simple vacation gown horribly wrong, Far Cry 3 is critically acclaimed First Person Shooter with Role Play and Adventure all wrapped into one title. The game has a PEGI rating of 18 for suggestive themes, violence and strong language. It is published by Ubisoft and consists of an engaging Single Player Campaign as well as a very interesting and highly interactive Multiplayer mode. The game revolves around the protagonist being captured along with his friends by a band of pirates in a remote island. It is up to you to escape the clutches of these men and rescue your friends while you are at it. You also run into the natives of the island who are troubled by the activities of the pirates and want to join forces with you. You enter a world beyond civilization, on an island ruled by human misery and piracy. Drugs and weapons are found in plenty here and you can use them to your advantage against your opponents. As you progress along the game, you gradually start to discover the bloody secrets held within the island and its inhabitants. You need to navigate the island and its environment as you take on missions to sabotage the activities of the infamous pirates. Explore the unforgiving terrain of this seemingly untouched paradise and discover the snakes within.

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