dance central spotlight PS4
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dance central spotlight PS4
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dance central spotlight PS4

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  • Platform: PS4
  • Genre: Action
  • Edition: Standard Edition
  • Game Modes : Single-player & Multi-player
  • Released Date : 2 September 2014
  • ESRB Rating : E Teen
  • PEGI Rating : E Teen
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Description :
  • Swing, dance and have fun while grooving to the latest beats of the season with Dance Central. The game is for anyone who wants to have a fun time. Targeted towards casual gamers, Dance Central is not only fun for the kids, but for the entire family. The rhythm-based game offers plenty of freedom to play and is unique in many ways. Available exclusively for the Xbox with Kinect system, Dance Central has a Teen rating from ESRB.
    Synopsis and Features
    Dance Central is all about enjoying your favourite music by doing the best thing you can - dance to it. It’s only your moves that count. B-boy, boogie, hip-hop or indulge in any dance type you want, Dance Central allows it all. Developed by Harmonix and published by MTV Games, Dance Central has an array of new gameplay elements that brings fun every time you play the game. The game requires the Kinect sensor to be played with. The highlight of the Kinect sensor is that it allows for a controller-free gaming experience.
    The game detects your hand and body movements and syncs it with the game elements, letting you control your in-game character as you want. This assists you in feely embracing your hobby and even experimenting with new dance moves. Made for anyone who loves to dance, the game has different gameplay options that allow you to participate in events according to your skill level. The game can detect more than 650 different dance moves and has over 90 dance routines.
    Dance Central has 5 game modes that give you a wide variety of gameplay. These include Perform It: a single player gameplay mode where you can earn points by completing a routine, Workout Mode: this for anyone who likes exercising and a full body workout. Dance Battle: This allows you to team up with a competitor and enter into a dance battle, Challenge Mode: This mode has difficult and challenging levels that are targeted towards advanced players and Break it Down: this mode is for beginners who want to learn advanced dance moves.
    Each mode is easy to learn and even has a step-by-step guiding process that allows you to learn more dance moves. The game has different Avatars available for your selection. The interesting thing about Avatars is that each one has different gestures. So even if you are doing the same move, each character has a different way of executing it.
    The highlight of the game is the soundtrack as it has all the popular new artists such as M.I.A., Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Benny Bennasi and more. 32 songs from hip-hop, pop, dance, R&B and many other genres make Dance Central the best dance-based game on the market right now.
    Online Features
    If you feel 32 songs are not enough to dance to, you can download more than 30 extra songs from the Xbox Marketplace. This allows you to extend your playlist and learn new dance moves. You can download updates and trailers for the game from the Xbox Marketplace.
    Buying Guide
    A minimum distance of 6 ft is required between the player and the Kinect Sensor for smooth game play. More space is required if extra players join in. Try to place the gaming console in a living room or the main hall to provide freedom for your hand and leg gestures. Ensure that the room has proper and even lighting; this helps the camera to capture your every moment and give you a seamless and entertaining gaming experience.

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